Concerts, Lectures and Demonstrations

Solo concerts on modern piano or fortepiano or with toy piano

Repertoire ranges from the Baroque to the present, including Bach’s
“Goldberg Variations,” women composers and music inspired by nature.

Chamber music concerts with

Peter W. Shea, tenor
Other musical friends and colleagues

Demonstrations with modern piano and fortepiano

You and friends or students can come to my house for a demonstration/
comparison of three different Viennese pianos: Walter (5 ½ octaves), 
Graf (6 ½ octaves), and Bösendorfer (7 ½ octaves plus 4 extra notes).
Students are welcome to play the different pianos under supervision.

Lecture recitals

Women Composers: Then and Now
A survey of women composers from the baroque era to the present.

New Insights from Old Keyboards
What we contemporary players can learn from the early fortepianos.

For information about fees and scheduling, please contact me.